Which dog breed is best for us?

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Which dog breed is best for us?

We are looking to get a dog. We live in a townhouse with a courtyard and are able to walk the dog once a day. We were thinking of getting a small dog but unsure of the most appropriate breed. We would like the dog in the house occasionally but would prefer a dog that can stay outside. We are happy to invest time and money in training the dog to ensure it is well behaved. Could you please advise an appropriate dog breed.
Posted: 06/03/2007   

Answer: Which breed is best for us?
Personally I am of the belief that all dogs should be inside dogs. As dogs are pack animals they need to be in a family environment to be happy and healthy. A lot of the smaller breeds of pooch can be a bit on the yappy side, so this may also not be suitable if he / she will spend the majority of time outside. Check out King Charles Spaniels, Schnauzers and Pugs. The are very sweet breeds.
Posted: 14/03/2007

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