Dog jumping 8 ft fences!! Michelle QLD

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Dog jumping 8 ft fences!! Michelle QLD

Hi, we have a american staffy x bull mastiff who will not stop jumping our 8 ft fences. We have put up little awnings to stop him but he is still getting over it. Everyday when i come home or every morning when i go out to see him he is out? I really need to know how we can stop him from getting out. I do not want to lose him.
Posted: 16/03/2007

Answer: Jumping 8 ft fences!! Michelle QLD
The only thing I could suggest is to put some sort of slippery material over the fence to prevent little paws getting traction when attempting to escape. Further more, look at making your back yard more Staffy friendly with lots of bones and toys. Try leaving a radio on with in ear shot to give the illusion of company.
Posted: 18/03/2007

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