Dog licks carpet

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Dog licks carpet

Hi, my miniture dashy cross corgy continually licks the carpet at work and home, its constant she gets a lot of attention and is very loved, she was a rescue dog years ago and very settled now. Lynne
Posted: 20/03/2007

Answer: licks carpet
Due to prior living circumstances animals can exhibit certain behaviours due to stress, and these become habits that they cant drop. With this in mind I will assume it is anxiety related. Before you attempt to correct the behaviour you might like to discuss a short course (3 months?) of drug therapy to make the transition easier? You really need to be very gentle and kind while trying to stop this behaviour. Set up a very special pooch only spot in your house and work where she can feel safe and comfortable. Each time licking starts very calmly (no yelling or NO's) move her from that spot to her NEW spot and give her a few minutes of play and offer some treats / bones. It will be very time consuming, although hopefully with time this will reduce. I would also suggest more walkies time if possible. Try and wear her out as much as possible.
Posted: 27/03/2007

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