Sick Shih-Tzu

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Sick Shih-Tzu

Last week our 1 year old Shih-Tzu started vomiting bile and then she stopped eating, then she had diarreha. She as been at the Vet Clinic now for 4 days on IV fluids. She is not herself at all, they have done x-rays and nothing shows. She DID NOT have any wet food, in fact she is on the tail-end of her Purina Puppy chow bag of food and she gets treats of IAM's bones for doing her duty outside???? Any assistance would be appreciated.
Posted: 23/03/2007

Answer: Sick Shih-Tzu
The only thing about the puppy food is that is has a high protine content compared to adult dog foods, I doubt the problem lays here. Sloppy poos and vomiting is a cause for concern, although there are multipul of doggy virus?s tat float around from time to time. Your vet may not be able to find a cause for these symptops. They may only be able to offer supprotive treatment (such as the I.V.) in hope your little fluff balls system will be able to fight off what is going wrong. All I can suggest is that we all cross fingers and paws and hope for a very speedy recovery!
Posted: 27/03/2007

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