male kelpie Seperation Anxiety

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male kelpie Seperation Anxiety

My 4 month old male kelpie has a really bad seperation problem how can i fix it living on land the other option for him is to be put down which i don't want help
Posted: 31/03/2007

Answer: Seperation Anxiety
A four month old puppy is time consuming and needy. It is natural for him to fret for you when he is away from you. Ideally, he should only be left for short intervals ? which should be increased each time. Kelpi?s are super smart dogs and he will have learnt quickly, that when you leave home you may not return for a while. You will need to break this routine, this could be helped along with drug therapy from you vet, lots of excerise, and possibly having a friend or family member dropping by to see your pup if you need to be away from home for a long period. It takes lots of patience and love.
Posted: 02/04/2007

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