Breed advice - Melbourne - Central Asian sheepdog

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Breed advice - Melbourne - Central Asian sheepdog

Hi I attended a dog information day in Melton today and met a Central Asian sheepdog (?)! It was a very big dog but also very friendly - lots of people were patting the dog. I have not been able to find much information on the breed and was wondering if you thought it would make a suitable dog for family. We would take it to training etc. Thankyou Carl.
Posted: 31/03/2007

Answer: Breed advice - Melbourne - Central Asian sheepdog?
I have never heard of a Central Asian Sheepdog before! I did some googleing, and they seem a interesting breed! Due to the size they will require more than the usual amounts of excerise, and room. They are a working dog, so you would expect them to be very intelligent and may be a bit difficult to train. All in all, they do seem to be a stable, protective and loving breed. My only concern would be the room, training (constant!), and levels of excersise required.
Posted: 02/04/2007   

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