maltese growls when attempted to be picked up

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maltese growls when attempted to be picked up

I bought my male maltese x three days ago from a private home. He was rescued by her from the rspca four years ago, he is now 7. He was in a very neglected state when he was found, thats all the history I know. He is a very quiet, loving dog who loves strokes, tickles and affection. However... when I tried to pick him up to get him in the car, or onto the weigh scales at the vet, he turned his head and growled. It has got to the stage where I have lost self confidence in myself and am scared of being bitten. He got into the car ok to go to the park but refused to get back in to go home. It took an hour of coaxing before he decided that yes he would go home now! I want him to know that he can trust me and I need to be able to build up confidence to have another go at picking him up. Just for things like getting into the bath, into the car, etc. Can you please give some advice? Many thanks.
Posted: 23/04/2007

Answer: dog growls when attempted to be picked up.. Perth
There is no quick fix at all. The only thing that will help is time. Lots and lots of patience. My Jimbo refused to let me touch his feet, clipping his claws was just out of the question! It only took 4 very long years of teaching him no harm will come to him when i touch them! Now I can clip his claws any time! So, I suggest when you are having a cuddle on the lounge ever so slightly put your hands in the position that you might if you where to lift him up. This is all you can really do, he will learn in his own time. Slowly, slowly. It great to hear you adopted a older dog, he is a very lucky little man.
Posted: 27/04/2007

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