strange behaviour in dalmatian

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strange behaviour in dalmatian

Hello, our dog has started behaving slightly differently recently (about a week), he sits and stares at us while whining and tailing wagging (only in the evening after a long play time at the park). Last night he was also very restless with pacing and whining but then he suddenly started swaying and was trying to keep himself awake, he did this a couple of times before closing his eyes and falling over. He woke up suddenly and it didn't happen again but he continued pacing and whining. Should I take him to the vet? or is he alright? He seems okay today but evening hasn't struck yet. Thanks for the advice.
Posted: 04/05/2007   

Answer: strange behaviour in Dalmatian
I would defiantly be taking the spotty one to the vet. Even if symptoms have passed since this post. Sounds like possibly something Neurological. Defiantly worth some investigations. Love to your Dally.
Posted: 10/05/2007

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