Dog-aggressive Dalmatian

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Dog-aggressive Dalmatian

Hi Bec. We have a georgeous 6yr old male Dalmation who loves children and people but can't stand other dogs. He goes absolutely mental when he sees another dog and wants to attack them. Being quite a big dog, we are afraid to take him for walks in the daytime as we are afraid we may loose control of him and injur another dog. Even at night he strains on the lead (to the point of our exhaustion) around corners and through gates as he is looking for dogs. My partner go him from the pound at 10 months old and we think his previous life may have had a bit traumatic. Living in Freo we would love to take him to the dog beach but at the moment its just not an option. I feel sad when I see other dogs running off their lead - our dog is missing out on so much!! Any help would be much appreciated. De & Stew
Posted: 06/05/2007   

Answer: Dog-aggressive Dalmatian, Freo, Perth WA
Hi De and Stew. Firstly, head off to your pet shop and invest in a good quality ?halti? or ?gentle leader?. Ask the people at the shop to tell you about it, and show you how to fit it correctly. This will solve most of your walking problems, combined with basic training / heeling techniques. Re: the aggression. As of this second, don?t be scared. He will know this and it will spur him on. Become overly confident with your handling, and watch your reactions when another dog approaches. Walk full steam ahead, boldly and proudly. This is the key.
Posted: 10/05/2007   

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