overly destructive staffy

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overly destructive staffy

I have a 12 month old male purebred staffy, who, as soon as I go to work, starts destroying my house. I don't like to leave him outside as I live in an area where he may be stolen from my yard, I have tried everything to keep him away from my furniture, but he has eaten my bed, boxes of books, shoes, everything. I'm just about at my wits end. I have some frends who have staffies and they told me that this behaviour doesn't stop. At the moment, there's another dog staying with us, but he's still doing it. I love him to pieces, and he doesn't do this while I am home, but I need to get him to stop or I'm going to lose my mind. Can someone PLEASE help me!!!
Posted: 09/05/2007 

Answer: overly destructive staffy
This is definatly a sad staffy problem. Definatly anxiety and bordum related. Firstly, I would consider talking to your vet re: some drug therapy. You need a slightly more ?relaxed? dog to work with, to correct behaviour in a short time. So see your vet about that. Secondly, is it possible to go for a big walk in the morning? This will help exhast him? Can you stock up on big bones, treat and toys to leave in the house? Possibly leave a radio or telly on to give the effect of company? With all things considered, I would keep a eye out for a local school kid who may like to check in on him and having a play after school for some pocket money, or find a dog walker.
Posted: 10/05/2007

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