new dog from an old friend

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new dog from an old friend

I have had a new dog from an old friend ive had him about 4 weeks now, when he gets excited or scared he wee's and my parents have started 2 get annoyed and said if he doesnt stop ive got to find him a new home! hes house trained so i cant understand why hes doing this. can you help me plaese i relly want to keep him! thank you!
Posted: 14/05/2007

Answer: help me please!
Sometimes when they get over excited their little bladders don?t strand up to the test! All you can hope is that with age, this problem will disappear. At least this has been the case with the little peddlers? in my care. The only thing you can do to help the process is to offer more wee breaks.
Posted: 21/05/2007 

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