Does my Whippet have Separation Anxiety

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Does my Whippet have Separation Anxiety

Hi there, When I get ready for work in the morning I put my 10 month old whippet outside and from that moment on he begins to whimper loudly and gets very upset.It is very stressful 4 me, the whole time I am getting ready he is crying and extremely distressed. I try to ignore it but is is very very hard. Even when I am out at the bus stop I can hear him crying. Please help me. What can I do ? Yours Sincerely. Stressed out.
Posted: 17/05/2007

Answer: Does my Whippet have Separation Anxiety ?
My Jimbo always does this!! The best solution I have found is to take Jimbo for at least a 5 minute sprint around the block in the morning, the offer some thing for breakfast. This results in a semi relaxed and content dog, who isn?t going to cry and the thought of you leaving. Also, mix up your morning routine so he can?t second guess you. Can you leave treats or a bone to munch on when you leave in the morning?
Posted: 21/05/2007

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