Itchy Weimaraner

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Itchy Weimaraner

Hi Bec. We have a 15 week old weimaraner and from the moment we brought her home she hasn't stopped scratching. We have taken her to the vet on numerous occasions and they have given us shampoos, tablets and creams which all work in the short term but don't last. We can't work out what it is she is allergic too as we don't seem to have the obvious in the garden (eg wandering dew). We have also started her at puppy school and are working at trying to stop her jumping up and biting. She is making me tear my hair out!! she is just so big and strong and ignoring her and putting her outside doesn't seem to solve the problem. Help please!
Posted: 30/05/2007

Answer: Itchy Weimaraner
A 4 month old German Shep whom I look after had super itchy skin in her first few months of life. Generally a cortisone shot can knock out and underlying infection which may result in a persistent itch. I would consider speaking to a different vet as you need to treat the cause, not the symptoms. So some blood tests etc maybe required.
Posted: 06/06/2007

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