Toy Poodle Question? Gold Coast, Qld

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Toy Poodle Question? Gold Coast, Qld

Unfortunately I need to rehome one of my little dogs as I am no longer able to have two were I live. I will be keeping my 2yo toy poodle, she already gets a bit anxious when I leave the house, and sometimes crys. Do you have any tips on making it better for her when the other dog leaves?
Posted: 30/05/2007

Answer: Toy Poodle Question? Gold Coast, Qld
I would suggest a stuffed toy that can take on the scent of your soon to be departed one. When they sleep at night put it between them both, it may serve as a bit of a replacement. Also insure that a blanket or towel has the scent of both dogs on it. Try to keep to your routine and don?t over embellish your two year old. If you ?appear? to be fine, she should cope a lot better. So with this it is important to not over compensate for the younger dog leaving, just try and find a happy medium. I?m sorry to hear that you both have to say good bye to your little one.
Posted: 06/06/2007

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