Blue Heeler losing weight

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Blue Heeler losing weight

I have a Blue Heeler which i've had for 16 years or so but no matter how much we feed him he's losing weight to the point he's ribs show and is very narrow at the back end we have wormed him etc.Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank You
Posted: 31/05/2007

Answer: Dog losing weight
Presuming that your post is correct, and that your blue heeler is 16 years old ? I would assume this is a natural aging process. And what a age! You may like to look for high protein brands of pet food at your super market, in particular the fresh pet meat. Kangaroo meat may even be a good option. You could also get a powdered milk product from a good pet store that are jammed packed with nutrients. I have forgotten then name, there is a similar called Biolac although this one is more so for kittens and puppies.
Posted: 06/06/2007

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