Introducing dog to cat

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Introducing dog to cat

I have a 4 year old cat and my partner and I are looking at getting a miniature english bull terrier puppy. I'm looking for advice on how to introduce a puppy to a cat (who has his territory in the house and outside), with the minimum of pain!!
Posted: 28/06/2007

Answer: introducing dog to cat
Set up a safe area for your kitty, out of reach from little puppy teeth and paws. Make sure your cat is very comfortable and aware of this area and is able to access this spot 247 for time out. When you bring pup home, have pub in a crate or similar and allow your cat to come up to the pub in his/her own time to investiage. Your cat should feel in control at all times. Generally most kitty and puppy unions will go well, provided it is a slow and gradual process.
Posted: 10/07/2007

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