Sad puppy Perth

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Sad puppy Perth

I have just inherited a 12 month old Amstaff, he is beautiful and lovely natured, really dosile and placid,a big baby, good with kids and just wants to play with other dogs. The only concern is he doesnt play, he doesnt get excited or pant when we try to play with him, Ive bought 160.00 worth of toys and treats and he just sniffs at them,looks at them,and walks away. He is excercised every night, which he thouroughly enjoys, but just appears really sad, we have had him for a week and I just want show him how to have fun.
Posted: 04/07/2007

Answer: Sad puppy Perth
Bless your cotton socks! It can take a long time for a older dog to settle in to a new home. I would give it a few months at least! Remember that Staffy?s are very emotional critters, and if they sence you are worrying they will also worry. So just let him come around in his own time. Our adopted Jimbo is just over 5 and has only shown interest in toys in the last 6 months! Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job and I am sure in time you will all reap the rewards.
Posted: 10/07/2007

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