Corgi/healer x once friendly, becoming more aggressive

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Corgi/healer x once friendly, becoming more aggressive

Hi, We have a beautiful corgi/red healer cross who has just turned 4 and a half years old. Up until recently she has been a loving companion and quite friendly with other people and dogs. Over the past weeks she has become more aggressive towards children and other dogs and even though I walk her everyday I feel that she is very bored at home by herself. I don't work full time, but was wondering if getting another dog as a companion would ease her loneliness, as she is always crying wanting to play with the dog over the fence. Do I take this as a sign that she needs more company during the day, I am very concerned for her, what would you suggest?
Posted: 11/07/2007

Answer: Corgi / Healer x once friendly, becoming more aggressive.
First of all, I wouldn't bring a new dog in to a home where the existing pooch has some issues. Ideally, work on these problems first and foremost. Corgi's and Heelers as individual breeds can become snappy with out firm handling. They are quite head strong and very protective (particularly Blue Heelers) of their owners and possessions. Defiantly enrol yourselves in some group obedience training sessions and get back to the basics. She needs to know that you are quite capable of handling yourself and her! Maybe you could ask around and find a local student or similar who might be interested in visiting her when you are not home to break up the day, for some pocket money? I would wait until these issues are resolved before thinking about a new addition to the family.
Posted: 15/07/2007   

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