When to purchase a puppy

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When to purchase a puppy

hi, i am looking at getting my first puppy however i dont know when is the best time to get one. i am a school teacher so at the end of the year i have 8 weeks holiday. people have told me not to get one then, otherwise it will fret when i go back to work. my question is, do i get it 10 weeks before the 8 week holidays, so i can train it to get used to me not being there, or should i wait till AFTER the 8 week christmas holidays, in Feb when i work for ten weeks then only have two weeks off. I am looking to get a border collie, so i want to make sure i get stuck into the training straight away. do you have some advice on this please?
Posted: 11/07/2007

Answer: When to purchase a puppy??
That's a big thumbs up to recieving your new pup at the begining of the school holidays, so you can spend lots of time together. Particulary if your getting a very young pup. You are right, it is best to train your pup how to be home alone in short intervals so the more time you have together the better. Slowly slowly is the right approach. Good luck!
Posted: 15/07/2007   

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