Active pooch lies down before a long run (Melb, Vic)

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Active pooch lies down before a long run (Melb, Vic)

I've got a very healthy and active 4yo Hungarian Vizsla. We've started taking her on long runs on lead (at least 6km, sometimes 12kms at a time). Her behaviour has altered and she crouches and starts to lie down quite often (sometimes halting and pulling me back suddenly), usually at the beginning of the run, almost exclusively when she's on the lead, and usually on shared walking/bike paths. She doesn't appear to be in pain (hips aligned, pads ok) but behaves in a quite timid fashion. She improves when off lead. Is she protesting against running on the lead? The rest of the time she is super-active and happy to play in the park and chase balls. Any ideas?
Posted: 04/09/2007

Answer: Active pooch lies down before a long run (Melb, Vic)
Hmmmmmm ... interesting! I am wondering if there is something along your track that she doesn't like or that once spooked her. Can you try mixing up your pace / direction / and places that you run? Could you even try driving to where you may start a run? I wonder if you change the routine if it will change the reaction. If she continues after all the above, I think its best to speak to your vet to give her the once over. Just to be sure.
Posted: 06/09/2007

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