Dog Dominating Mate Problem, Brisbane

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Dog Dominating Mate Problem, Brisbane

I have two border collies, and they are inseperable. The only problem is that out of the blue one of our dog will jump on the other and push her to the ground or just walk over her (just really trying to show her whos boss). Its not playful as they sometimes end up in scuffles. Any ideas on why this happens? And how we could rectify it? Thanks
Posted: 11/09/2007   

Answer: Dog Dominating Mate Problem, Brisbane
I think you will need to play some mind games here, to show that you are actually the leader and not the offending dog. The instant you see one dog push the other to the ground, silently but firmly wisk the offender in to the next room close the door and leave him/her there for 10 minutes or so. While the offender is in the other room, make sure he/she can clearly hear you playing and having fun with the other dog. Hopefully this will teach him / her that you are in control of the both of them and what you say goes.
Posted: 28/09/2007

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