american staffy pure breed

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american staffy pure breed

will not stop biting a 5 wk old pure breed but quite aggressive how can i tame her and whats the best tool for disciplining her when biten
Posted: 13/09/2007   

Answer: american staffy pure breed
As soon as your pup has received her full vaccinations make sure you book yourself both in to regular basic obedience classes on a weekly basis. Also recommend puppy school, speak to your vet about that one. Make sure she has lots of chew toys and raw hides and encourage her to chew on them. If she chews on you simply get up and walk away quickly. Don?t even argue with her or try to reason with her. Simply walk away and leave her on her own. She should soon realise such behaviour isn?t desirable!
Posted: 28/09/2007

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