January 2014 - Newsletter update


In January each year we send out this quick email with links we've found useful every January. Jobs with dogs lets you place your own advert looking for employment with dogs OR look at jobs available - like dog groomer vacancies currently in Midland WA, Richmond VIC and Morningside QLD.

As NCTM celebrate another year helping adult learners achieve their goals, they are GIVING you a cash incentive to enrol in any of their courses, ranging from workshops, to certificates to diplomas. Education is a fantastic gift but this offer ends January 21.

January is time to commence training your new dog or puppy:

  • Whether it's been a long awaited Christmas gift for the family - or the purchase or receipt of a beautiful puppy into your home - all dogs need training to become good members of your household. Puppies are recommended to start training at 8-16 weeks. Older dogs can attend classes specially designed for them or of course - there is one on one training. It's really important to train your dog - so if you haven't - contact a dog trainer near you.


NCTM Dog Massage

If you'd like to promote your dog product or service from just $99 per year you can join here. Oz Doggy can also cros list your business into mulitple categories, on the Oz Doggy homepage or at the top of categories to give you extra visibility. See more info about Oz Doggy.

Regards Paul @ Oz Doggy