January 2016 Newsletter


Welcome to our January 2016 newsletter.

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We hope you've had a great holiday. The kids are heading back to school and everyone is settling back into a new year.

At any time of the year dog owners may need to transport their pets around Australia or internationally. For over 10 years we've been promoting the services of two pet transport providers and have no hesitation recommending them to Oz Doggy visitors.

Jetpets move your pet by the quickest and most direct route - be it across the world or around the corner. PETS (Pet Express Transport Services) offer door to door road transportation network around Australia - and can also assist with international transport. See our Pet Transport page which also includes several pet taxis in Melbourne. If you have a pet taxi service to promote - please register here.

 Pet Express Transport Services  Jet Pets Transport

Popular January categories - dog training and employment

Every January we see a surge in dog training enquiries. Getting in early to train your furry friend is always the best idea. Puppies between 8-16 weeks really benefit from training to set up life long good behaviour. Trainers also offer classes for adult dogs - so whatever your need - don't hesitate to contact your local dog trainer.

With the start of a new year - many people also start thinking about a new career. Oz Doggy has great resources to help. See our employment page which includes free classifieds advertising, links to industry training and pet industry insurance.

If you would like to promote your products or services for dogs or cats - join Oz Doggy here. Established for 12 years - Oz Doggy has over 10 000 visitors every month looking for products and services for their dogs.

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