July 2015 Newsletter

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This month we're also sharing a story from across the Tasman.

My sister Carlie in New Zealand has started a project to rehome dogs at local pounds. She makes and networks a video of the dog and has had almost 100% success rate in rehoming. BUT no council or local pound has been willing to fund her work. It's often cheaper and easier to put down a dog after the minimum 7 days - than to go to any effort to try and rehome. See a link to the story below and if you can help - 100% of funds will go towards petrol and onsite filming costs. It is hoped in time - councils will actually see the financial benefit (if not the obvious moral one) of rehoming a desexed and vet checked dog vs ending the life of yet another lost dog.

Also below we include our latest member Pic To Frame and profile our long time advertiser Hydrobaths Australia- who have everything you will need in a hydrobath - including repairs and a limited number of loan baths available - while yours is in for repair.

Feature project: Help dogs in New Zealand

Can you help Carlie and this project? Your donation is not tax deductable in Australia or New Zealand - but until Carlie can get local NZ councils to accept a business proposition that it is cheaper to video and save unwanted dogs vs killing them - this project relies 100% on donations from friends, families and supporters. The main cost is petrol to get to the pounds and other direct out of pocket expenses like batteries and food while filming. Carlie is not being paid or charging anything for her service. All donations will be passed to Carlie and all donations amounts posted on this page here. Thanks in advance of your support.


 Carlie is trying to rehome dogs in NZ


PicToFrame creates hand made frames using professional equipment and quality supplies, operating from a home based studio.

I also sell NON memorial pet frames and am happy to discuss a one of a kind custom order.

 Pic To Frame - Memorial Pet Frames

FEATURE: Hydrobaths Australia

In late 2010 Hydrobaths Australia was purchased from Mavlab and has moved north of Brisbane. We are now proudly manufacturing a range of 'Conmurra' and 'Aussie' fibreglass hydrobaths. With many models available to suit all situations from the individual dog owner to the professional groomer who earns their living from washing dogs

 Hydrobaths Australia

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