siberian husky aggression

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siberian husky aggression

I have a 3 year old husky male, lately becoming very agressive towards me, comes up for hugs and cuddles and then turns nasty barring teeth and growling. im at loss.what do i do
Posted: 16/09/2008

Answer: siberian husky aggression
This is dominance. Plain and simple. We must remember that Husky?s are the closest breed to the Wolf. So they are instinctually very aware and capable. Needless to say that are divine dogs, although they do require a very firm handling. A few simple things: try to be aware of inviting HIM to cuddle rather than he instigating the situation. Of course we don?t want to deter his initial affectionate approaches, but we want to control the majority of them so he realises you are the boss and not him. If he does progress to a growl, get up immediately and walk away. Ignore him totally for 10 minutes. Any reaction (negative or positive) enforces his behaviour. Apart from this; I suggest a few sessions with a qualified behaviourist. Speak to your vet for a referral. Best to get it 'handled' professionally.
Posted: 17/09/2008 


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