Q:My Beagle constantly eats grass like a cow

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Q:My Beagle constantly eats grass like a cow

My Beagle constantly eats grass like a cow. Why does he keep doing this?? He hasn't been sick at all, but it's tearing up the lawn. . .
Posted: 06/07/2006

Answer: Grass eater
I'm wondering if your Beagle is bored? He might have decided that your grass smells good so he is getting down the business of every good Beagle, at the grass's expense! I think your first point of call would be environmental enrichment in the back yard:a sandpit with treats and toys buried in it, stacks of intelligent toys, bones hidden in the back yard, even old wine casks with treats shoved in to them. Anything you can think of to divert his nose from the grass to something else. Spend time playing with him and his distractions. If this doesn't work, I suggest talking to your vet about his diet. Maybe something is lacking which he gets from the grass. Good luck!
Posted: 09/07/2006

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