Biting Maltese/Shih Tzu Cross

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Biting Maltese/Shih Tzu Cross

My 2.5yr old male shih tzu/matlese cross has recently bitten me and growls when picked up/bathed etc. There is no ailment and he is not desexed. Behaviour modification is not working and deseing apparently will not cure the problem. Advice please as i have a 2 yr old girl at home and am worried.
Posted: 18/07/2006

Answer: Biting Maltese/Shih Tzu Cross
I'm wondering if your boy has a pain or injury? If you are to sit next to him quietly, and softly touch him all over his body - does he react in the same way? Does he react if you touch him in any other areas on his body? It could simply be pressure on a muscle or similar around his belly that is causing him discomfort. Like most dogs my Jimbo hated having his nails clipped and he would literally lunge for my face. So I took another approach and would gently stroke his paws when we watched TV ect. He now lets me clip his nails with no problems. Possibly investigate this side and rule out any aches or pains for starters. If you have no luck with this, get back to me!
Posted: 19/07/2006

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