Does she have asthma?

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Does she have asthma?

Hi Bec i have a two year old Maltese and she seems to suff from what i think is asthma.. she makes a noise like a cough and seems to find it difficult to breath they last a few mins but it can happen five to ten times a day.. i have taken her to the vets about three time to find out what is wrong with her and if i can help.. the vet has treated her for tonsillites but it hasnt helped one little bit.. she only suffers from it in summer/spring. she has had one attack that got her very upset( her heart was racing and she tried to cuddle up to me) this lasted about half an hour.. and there was a thounder storm on at the time..she can also have sneezing fits that get her upset. thank you for your help
Posted: 11/01/2007

Answer: Does she have asthma?
It's hard to say. There also may be a large anxiety factor, due to the onset when a thunder storm was in action during a attack. Firstly I would seek a second opinion. Ask for tests that would credit or dis credit asthma. Think it would also be a good idea to get full blood work done. If her current treatment is not working, it's time to look for other possibilities. It may be a long process of elimination, so don't be worried to seek third or forth opinions from Vets. Good luck!
Posted: 25/01/2007

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