Fighting dog (ACT)

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Fighting dog (ACT)

Fighting dog (ACT)
Hi, I have 2 dogs, male 10 yrs and female 9 yrs, both kelpie X, both desexed. We have recently moved into a new house with others that have a small female dog. My female has taken to attacking the other dog whenever the other dog yelps in pain. She has also started attacking our male dog if he yelps in pain. She has never attacked him before like this. They all get along fine until one of the dogs yelp. The ensuing fights can be quite vicious so I am very keen to stop this behaviour. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: 11/01/2007   

Answer: Fighting dog (ACT)
Hmmmm ... someone correct me if I am wrong: I think that in some situations dogs will attempt to weed out weaker dogs. In a pack environment (in the wild), weaker or submissive dogs maybe be disciplined by the pack leader / stronger dog. Yelping maybe seen as weakness or submissive behavior and your girl has decided to step in. This behavior could be bought on from the house move, as her 'pack' has been up rooted. In a sense, she is trying to create order in her environment. Effectively, you need to establish yourself as the top dog / leader - so she does not feel she is required to carry on in such a way. Try going through basic obedience training with her on daily basis, and take charge if your other dog yelps, before she can. Hope this makes sense!
Posted: 25/01/2007

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