Country dog living in town

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Country dog living in town

Hi, I have a mature female lab x who has spent the majority of her life on acreage, where she would walk off into a paddock to do her business and never near the house. Unfortunately we now live in town. She has a small back yard that she shares with another old female dog. She is excercised on the beach regularly. Problem is she wont go anywhere near the back yard where she has to poo and spends most of her time on the verandah. Is there a way, without fencing that i could stop the dogs from pooing in a part of the yard. Does placing water bottles on the lawn help? Can I put some lime down to try and minimise the smell so she will walk on the grass? Also she doesnt have any grass available to munch on life she used to - can I supplement her diet with something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: 16/01/2007

Answer: Country dog living in town
This would be such a big adjustment for the girl. I did once hear of a DIY solution to keep pets from urinating in particular areas, but I have forgotten it! There are a few ready to buy solutions in pet stores, a few that are meant to be quite good. I think it would be a matter of trial and error, although defiantly worth a shot. I don't think water bottles do much!! There are also lots of multi vitamins available at pet shops, although you might like to get her blood work done first off all just to see if she is lacking in any areas. You can always grow grass in pots or similar? Just depends on whether she would find this acceptable!
Posted: 25/01/2007   

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