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Hydrobaths Australia manufacturer and distribute the Fidos and Conmurra range of Hydrobaths, Grooming tables, whelping boxes and other quality accessories.

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Dog behaviour and training advice pages below - about excessive dog barking - recently updated.
Advice 1 - Barking Dogs are Bored Dogs - Supplied by Jean's Puppy Pre-school (Melbourne)
Many dogs bark in the house or garden when their owners are out. The main reason is that left to their own devices, without companionship, your dog is simply bored and is looking for amusement and barking often fulfils the need - read more

Advice 2 - Barking is No 1 complaint around Australia - Supplied by Positive Response Dog Training (Brisbane)

Barking is the no 1 complaint around Australia. Home owners often don’t know their dogs are barking until they get a nasty letter in their letterbox from a neighbour or a council complaint. These are some of the things that barking can be related to ... read more

Advice 3 - Barking dogs are stressed dogs - Supplied by Paw Behaviour (Melbourne)

WOOF WOOF WOOF! --- shhhhhhh - Barking dogs are stressed dogs causing stress! Do you have fun with your dog & walk him daily? Do you play games and teach him tricks? Does he come inside and join in family activities? If your dog is not stimulated and feels isolated... read more

Advice 4 - Why did I want this dog? - Supplied by Danielle Janssen-Groesbeek

Remember first: What kinda dog is it what I have, where are they bred for? This are the first steps you need to think of/ remember. Can you see anything in your dogs behaviour, after knowing where he/she is bred for, what is obvious now?... read more

Advice 5 - A good dog is a tired dog - Supplied by Petacular Services (Sydney)

People often wonder why their dog is destructive or barks a lot and my question to them is: "How often do you walk your dog?" and also: "How would you cope being locked in a house or yard, by yourself without being able to get out?" more

Advice 6 - Don’t turn a dog being outside into ‘being alone’ - Supplied by K9 Coach (Melbourne)

Don’t turn being outside into ‘being alone’: this gives the dog an association related with you being away. A dog should be outside not just the days of work/school etc., but also on the weekends, so being outside becomes a ‘happy place to be’ more

What is the difference between dog minding and pet sitting? Dog Minding and Pet Sitting services are used by dog owners who prefer their dog minded in a family or home environment vs a boarding kennel.

Dog Minding - Your dog is minded in another person's home. The minder might be a dog lover who has registered and been accepted as part of a larger dog minders network. Or maybe a local service that cares for dogs in their own home. Dog Minding Melbourne I Dog Minding Sydney I Dog Minding Brisbane & Gold Coast I Dog Minders Perth I Adelaide Dog Minders

Pet Sitting - You dog stays at your home while you are away. Pet visit services provide 1,2 or 3 visits per day to feed, walk or play with your dog. Pet Sitting Melbourne I Pet Sitting Sydney I Pet Sitting Brisbane I Gold Coast Pet Sitters. Also: House & Pet Sitters

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Dog Grooming Training Schools - offer a wide range of courses, dog grooming certification, refresher courses or courses for the beginner. Since 2004 - Oz Doggy is please to have been associated with two of the finest dog grooming schools in Australia. T

The Dog Shed Grooming School Mandurah/ Perth


Brisbane and Mandurah based Dog Grooming Schools. For over 15 years have provided dog groomer training. Ask about a course suitable for you. 3-75 hour courses and / or one on one tuition. In addition to dog groomer training - see DIY dog grooming and clipping DVDs - covers 6 popular breeds per edition.

Dog Grooming School Brisbane, and Mandurah

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Dog Advice: Dog conditions, preventions, and treatments
Oz Doggy dog advice and dog behaviour problems were answered by our resident dog advice guru, Bec - The Sydney Dogwalker. Bec has owned her own dog walking business Paws On Paths where she daily puts all her skills in to practice caring for dogs and other pets in Sydney. She is also the proud mother of Jimbo the Wonder Dog, her very cute Jack Russell. Or see info about dog swimming pools.

Dog Training and Behaviour Advice - Oz Doggy has over 600 pages of dog behaviour and training tips.

Help needed for Staffy climbing fence, Burwood (VIC)

Hi We have and 18 month old male staffy. About 3 months ago he started climbing out fences to get out, it wasnt all that regularly, so we got got him desexed to try and stop the behaviour but it hasn't helped. He does it whether we are home or if we are out. He is a very calm sweet natured dog and we don't know why he is doing this. We also have a 5 year old female staffy who isnt interested at all in trying to get out. Any help or advice would be much appreciated
Posted: 30/12/2012

RE: Staffy climbing fence, Burwood (VIC)
Escapism is very often related to leadership issues - it can be the dog suffering from separation anxiety, or believing it needs to be the leader and therefore get out and go hunting. He is now nearly mature and therefore reacts like an over-confident 18 year old. This needs to be addressed as it will get worse, and may even start to include more than scaling the fence. Suggest you raise the fence level and get professional help with addressing the issue

Question: Moving and adjusting to a new environment. Chasing Possums

HI,My dog of 9 yrs (labXwolfhound) and i are moving into a new house about 30 mins away. My dog has been an outside dog since i have owned her at 3mths. My bf and his smaller dog (mini foxy-who thinks he is a human and is an inside dog which likes to mess on carpet) are moving in also. What strategies can i do to help my dog adjust to the new environment? As well as strategies to help the mini foxy be more of an outside dog and stop messing inside? Secondly, Do you have any remedies for keeping possums away from the property, as my large dog likes to chase them? thank you for your time.

Reply: Moving and adjusting to a new environment. Chasing Possums

With computer problems galore, I seem not to have replied – my apologies. Moving is very stressful for dogs, more than it is for people. So please be patient. A move allows for new rules and new approach to be implemented and with patience, guidance and praise you can get a long way. Important is to establish the right leadership from the moment you move, and e.g. no dog comes in unless toileted before let in. Once the two dogs have settled great to try and get them to be together, e.g. inside and outside, and on the mat etc. Start putting the mini foxy out with the big dog for short times and reward when quiet and only bring in when quiet. Teach him it is OK to be out and never use outside as punishment as you will be back to ‘0’. On the possum side, they are protected in VIC, so my dogs sleep inside in the laundry. That gives is a no barking, safe environment, and as there as limited windows, they sleep longer – important in summer time!

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